Primary Care Physician’s Involvement in Hyperbaric Care

//Primary Care Physician’s Involvement in Hyperbaric Care
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Is My Referring Physician Involved in My Hyperbaric Care?

If you have been referred for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) by your primary care physician, you may be wondering whether they will have any involvement in your HBOT treatment and care. The answer is yes. As a matter of courtesy, our hyperbaric physician will be in close communication with your referring primary care physician and keep them informed of your progress. Our physicians will also consult with them should any clinical issues arise that need to be addressed.

Hyperbaric Care – The Referral Process

The earlier your physician refers you for hyperbaric care, the better the results. This is especially the case for elderly patients or patients with diabetes. Once your referral has been received by our team, we will contact you to arrange an assessment appointment.

Our specialists will review your medical history and run several tests. These may include an electrocardiogram (ECG), a chest X-ray and eye, hearing and blood tests.

We will explain how hyperbaric treatment is administered and provide you with all the information you need to know before your treatment plan commences.

Standard indications for hyperbaric oxygen therapy include:

• Air or gas embolism
• Thermal burns
• Necrotizing soft tissue infections
• Intracranial abscess
• Decompression sickness
• Compromised skin grafts
• Severe blood loss anaemia
• Central retinal artery occlusion
• Clostridium myositis and myonecrosis (gas gangrene)
• Chronic refractory osteomyelitis
• Acute traumatic ischemia, compartment syndrome, crush injuries
• Carbon monoxide poisoning complicated by cyanide poisoning
• Selected non-healing wounds
• Delayed radiation tissue injuries

How We Work With Your Primary Care Physician

Our multidisciplinary team will coordinate all care with your physician’s office so that we can determine the best course of action for you and facilitate a speedy recovery and closure of your condition. We also understand that hyperbaric oxygen therapy will often be administered in addition to treatment overseen by your primary care physician and other medical professionals.

Following an initial consultation and assessment, we will tailor a comprehensive hyperbaric oxygen therapy plan that best suits your needs. Throughout your therapy, we will provide your physician with regular and detailed reports on your progress. Once you are recovered, we will discharge you back to your physician with ongoing care instructions.

Why Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy? What Are the Benefits?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy delivered through a hyperbaric chamber is one of the least invasive of all treatments for hypoxic damaged tissue management and the salvaging of limbs. HBOT is capable of treating a wide range of problems, including problem wounds and several life-threatening conditions and diseases.

During the treatment, oxygen is carried around the body in the blood. Breathing in pure oxygen under increased pressure allows extra oxygen to be dissolved more quickly in the bloodstream. This extra oxygen can speed up the healing process where healing has been impacted by infection or where the blood supply has been limited due to damaged tissues.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy benefits include:

• normalizes oxygen levels in areas where levels have been reduced due to injury or illness
• encourages new blood cells to grow and transport extra nutrients to the tissue
• increases the ability of white blood cells to prevent infection by killing bacteria
• reduces pressure, swelling and pain that may occur in the affected area

Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Right For You?

In the first instance, your primary care physician will make a referral to our team if they believe the best course of treatment to be hyperbaric. We will carry out a thorough assessment of your condition to determine whether hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the right treatment for you. We will then work closely with your primary care physician to strive for the best possible outcome.

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