Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Optic Neuritis by Dr. David Register

//Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Optic Neuritis by Dr. David Register

Published article: S. D. Register, et al. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and optic neuritis: Case report and literature review. UHM 2001;38: 557-559.

This case report by Dr. David Register (former HPG physician), Dr. Maria Aaron, and Dr. Helen Gelly (HyperbaRXs CEO) describes a case of a patient with documented optic neuritis that was treated successfully with hyperbaric oxygen without complications. This case report presents evidence contrary to the case report referenced in all the textbooks as a reason to use history of optic neuritis as a relative contraindication.

Follow this link to view the entire article and notes on the use of HBO2 with optic neuritis.

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During this pandemic, we will try and minimize risks to patients and staff. Guidance changes frequently, so we may need to change our recommendations over time.

We ask that all patients come into the office wearing a mask. Masks may be removed at the instruction of the staff for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

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