Conditions You Can Treat Using HBOT

//Conditions You Can Treat Using HBOT
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5 Conditions You Can Treat with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is when a patient is put in a particular room or chamber to breathe almost pure oxygen. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has seen immense growth in recent years, with several facilities opening up to provide the services. The Food and Drug Administration allows for the treatment of several conditions using hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Of all the approved uses of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, these are most significant:

1. Treating Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a gas present in combustion fumes and is harmful to humans. It leads to the displacement of oxygen in the bloodstream. Also referred to as the “silent killer,” CO can kill you in your sleep.

To help manage the effects of CO on the human body, doctors introduce pure oxygen. In around 4 hours, the patient should be back to normal. Otherwise, in cases where the patient has difficulties breathing, you can use special machines.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps patients avoid the long term effects of CO poisoning like cardiovascular and central nervous systems injuries. Studies show that hyperbaric treatment helps to prevent the risk of nerve damage and brain injury.

2. Chronic Wound Healing

Chronic wounds are recurrent wounds that take a long time to heal, or fail to heal completely. Some of the leading causes of chronic wounds are arterial or venous diseases and diabetes. The wounds fail to heal due to insufficient oxygen.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is essential in increasing the supply of oxygen to the wounds, not responding to treatments. Another study from Kranke and colleagues confirmed the healing effects of HBOT on wounds. It supplies oxygen that provide nutritional and cell signals responsible for wound healing.

3. Restoring Sudden Hear Loss

Sudden hearing loss is caused in the body by viruses or blood flow issues. To help restore sudden hear loss, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used to pump oxygen to the ear and brain. This helps to reduce the impact of hearing loss and tinnitus.

On the other side, the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy has limits. A study by Narozny published in Medspace, recommends you start the treatment routine as early as possible for the best results. The best time is within the first two weeks after hearing loss.

More studies are still underway to establish the extent of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in treating hearing loss.

4. Treating Decompression Sickness

Decompression illness is rampant among divers who surface too quickly. It affects almost 1,000 divers in the U.S yearly. The condition is characterized by air bubbles forming and expanding in the body. Failure to treat decompression sickness within the shortest time possible can be catastrophic.

Treating decompression ailment involves receiving oxygen and spending time in the decompression chamber. The hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps return the diver to the depth or pressure they were diving. As such, the environment allows reduction of the body bubbles’ volume to take place.

5. Treating Osteomyelitis

Osteomyelitis is a severe body condition that compromises the body functions. The state can lead to sinus tracts, and in some cases, amputation. Different medical studies show that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the best way to control osteomyelitis.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps in elevating the oxygen tension in bones to normal levels. Other than supplying oxygen, this therapy helps to improve the absorption and functions of antibiotics for faster healing.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has additional properties like blunting inflammatory response and neovascularization. It provides other benefits in treating osteomyelitis.

Wrapping U: Treating Conditions with HBOT

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one of the most successful processes in taking care of patients. In addition to the care mentioned above, the treatment also helps to treat anemia, burns, among other benefits. To help you get the best hyperbaric medicine results, you need a qualified professional with the right resources.

At HyperbaRxs, we pride ourselves in providing top-notch independent hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We are approved by Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society since 2000, as a show of our excellent quality. Contact us today for advice on how best to treat your wounds and other conditions.

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